As corporate caterers, Citreus Catering is proud to be part of an industry that has become profitable and respectable since the beginning of the 19th century.

We never planned to be predominant in a corporate capacity but our organic progression as professional caterers expanded through weddings and events catering – – where we initially gained a reputation for our work as individual chefs –

The Business of Corporate Caterers

The business of using corporate caterers is almost, exactly, 200 years old. 

Although the term ‘catering’ wasn’t recognised until the 1860s, Robert Bogle, an entrepreneur from Philadelphia who was born into slavery, is credited with the title of the “originator of catering”.  

Bogle virtually created the business of catering and was known as a master of ceremonies at elaborate weddings, funerals and banquets. 

His work was so profound and respected that he had a poem written about him, as he was renowned as such an important contributor to social events –,city’s%20African%20American%20residents%20lived. 

The Business of Corporate Creativity

Corporate Caterers, first and foremost, must understand the mix of business and creativity – 

Corporate caterers have a duty to understand the requirements of their role and be able to deliver a meaningful and engaging experience that resonates with the client as well as their audience. 

Therefore, a caterer’s ability to perform well at corporate events can be a double-edged sword, especially at business-to-business events where the guests may also require good corporate caterers for a similar service in the near future. 

Use any knowledge you can gather about the company – the business ethos, the client demographic, the aim of the event – and use it as a creative springboard. 

Corporate Caterers Represent

We are fortunate that our business acumen and vast experience within the hospitality industry have helped us to develop and maintain partnerships with businesses that appreciate the benefit of quality corporate caterers.

We have the benefit of growing with time, and that momentum has assisted in our refined representation skills. 

We have an appreciative understanding of our environment, which is a learned discipline of maintaining professionalism and knowing whether to work gracefully or actively. 

Consistent Corporate Caterers

It isn’t just within a corporate environment where consistency becomes the key to success. We believe that consistency is the key to successful catering.

As we have reiterated in previous posts, a private chef - or a restaurant is only as good as their last meal. 

Quality is only attributed to chefs and restaurants based upon a reputation for delivering quality food, consistently, throughout their careers.

What is the key to consistency?

We are often asked how we have managed to build and maintain a reputation as one of the best catering companies in the region, and the simple answer is: unpredictability. 

Anyone who works within a customer service environment knows that good customer service is based upon going above and beyond expectations, and good corporate caterers are no different within this approach.

The best analogy of a company going above and beyond what is expected of them is when the pilot of a budget airline didn’t just give passengers a ‘predictable’ flight home, he did a 360-degree turn over the North Atlantic to allow all passengers the chance to see spectacular glimpses of the Northern Lights – . 

At Citreus Catering, we believe that a meal shouldn’t be a standard flight, it should be the taste equivalent of the elusive aurora borealis

We know that the audience often expects a mediocre spread of pre-packed, supermarket sandwiches, washed down with Sunny Delight. But will they expect restaurant-quality food when processed banality is already resonating? 

Imagine how resonating, profound and appetising that will be.

Imagine how freshly prepared, locally sourced cuisine will appear in the eyes of the guests when they realise just how the imagination of professional corporate caterers can benefit and overwhelm a business event.

Refining to Redefine. 

We completely refine the ambience from one momentary convention to an atmosphere of an impassioned, thrillingly entertaining get-together.

And, it is only the training and years of experience that exposes corporate caterers to the advanced techniques and international cuisines that are available to transform an event.

Be prepared for challenges

We embrace challenges at Citreus Catering – it’s what we love about the industry. 

However, be prepared for unexpected nuances to appear in the mix. 

Corporate caterers are responsible for concept development as well as the ingredient selection that goes to make an unpredictable and exciting menu.

Be the Corporate Caterers you want to see.

That business acumen and experience allow us to understand the needs of our clients. 

Build rapport; make those connections and get to know the needs of your client to fully understand the meaning of the event and how it reflects on everyone involved, especially if the service doesn’t go to plan.

Customised Corporate Catering 

Once you have a feel for the client’s needs, you will be able to use your creative skills to build and customise an exclusive menu, befitting the occasion. 

Keeping in close contact with your clients will help you to provide those ideas and mould your knowledge and creativity around the event, relaying any changes to your corporate client, if necessary. 

If you are a business that wishes to leverage awareness through corporate caterers, Citreus Catering is hot on the menu.

New York, London, Paris, Munchies…

With an international reputation, the world is our oyster and the only thing that separates us from other corporate caterers is our quality. 

Our professional, approachable team has got all your corporate culinary needs covered, technically, hygienically, realistically.

Contact us to discuss your plans and we will provide fresh ideas of how we can help turn your corporate event into the main event –