What does the Preferred Catering Suppliers list mean, and how can those talented professionals provide added value to your event?

We look at the main benefits of bringing your own team of catering professionals to the party and how the recommended list of preferred catering suppliers gives your wedding reception or special occasion that exclusive culinary touch.

Preferred Catering Suppliers with an Excellent Reputation.

Upon choosing your venue for your event, you may already have caterers in mind. The venue may already have its own catering staff but the venue may also provide a list of preferred catering suppliers who they highly recommend for the numbers.

This list will indubitably have a very good reputation and probably be renowned for bringing exceptional quality to the big tables during important times.

An exclusive venue with an outstanding reputation isn’t likely to suggest mediocre catering teams with below-par standards as this will do nothing to enhance its status and surely soil the host’s reputation, whilst dissuading good reviews or further bookings.

For a host to provide a lacklustre list of preferred catering suppliers would be nothing less than commercial suicide. Alternatively, the venue will want to uphold its traditions and ensure that they are recommending only the best catering professionals who can deliver when it matters most.

Therefore, the list of preferred catering suppliers is likely to be experienced and have an excellent reputation for consistently serving quality food at the top of their game.

Why are the Preferred Catering Suppliers Superior?

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the host catering team aren’t providing anything less than a quality service. No, it may just mean that they aren’t dedicated to a specific area of dining, or it may also mean that the host team are restricted by a less expansive menu, or catering for fewer people.

The benefit that these preferred catering suppliers bring to the table is that weddings, events, and special occasions at exclusive venues is their thing – this is what the best catering companies do particularly well.
External caterers are not distracted by anything beyond their job. Their exclusivity allows them to focus with no restrictions on the numbers or the menus.

With an in-house caterer, there are often limited choices and this is where outside caterers can be more flexible with the prices and provide a more competitive, efficient service.

Often, if a caterer is one of the preferred catering suppliers, they are likely to be familiar with the location and offer suggestions based on experience, which also opens up avenues for negotiation.

Citreus Catering is the Preferred Caterer at the following venues:
It’s no secret that we have built a reputation in the wedding and events catering industry over the past couple of years, and here is a list of prestigious venues where we have built a reputation for excellence.

Keythorpe Manor – Leicester.

Talking of reputation, Keythorpe Manor http://www.keythorpemanor.com/ boasts a reputation for being the ‘perfect venue for the perfect day’.

A stunning venue set amidst panoramic views; this is the ideal location for the dream wedding day.
This prestigious venue is ideal for wedding receptions and live music and conveniently sits, in all its countryside splendour, 7 miles west of Uppingham and 12 miles east of Leicester.

Keythorpe Manor, with its rolling hills and the beautiful English countryside, may well be the canvas you need for your special day.

Heathland Grove – DE65

Private functions, wedding receptions and corporate events are all perfectly tailored to suit your celebration. If you want unique style and flair for your wedding day or event, Heathland Grove could be your gateway to good times. Off the A38 at Burton on Trent, Heathland Grove is a place of beauty and luxury and, if Citreus Catering is in the house, the nosh ain’t bad either.

Something exceptional awaits you – https://www.heathlandgrove.com/

Tissington Hall – Derbyshire

Tissington Hall is another wedding venue you can rely on for a dream day.

If you want nostalgia and history in a quintessential English village, this could be the place for you.
Popular with walkers, cyclists and horse riding enthusiasts, Tissington Hall dates back to a mention in the 11th-century doomsday book and is one of only 300 English homes that is still owned by the descendants of the original builder, 400 years ago.

50 buildings set over 2,000 acres, it’s a gateway to the Peak District and your ticket to a memorable day.
Like Citreus Catering, Tissington Hall is a Hitched Weddings Awards winner – https://www.hitched.co.uk/wedding-catering/citreus-catering_289238.htm – and has entertainment and hospitality running through its reputation, with a history of entertainment since 1602.
Be part of that history, be part of … http://www.tissingtonhall.co.uk/index.html

Fillongley Hall, Warwickshire.

An exclusive privately owned marque events and wedding venue, the 1824 neo-classical Fillongley Hall has been voted the Midland’s best marque wedding venue – https://fillongley-hall.co.uk/ – and is a Grade II listed building with great access to Birmingham and London.

There is the accommodation on site, room for 200 guests, and ‘no corkage’, so it’s an indoor and outdoor corporate and wedding party haven.

With panoramic views across 85 acres of majestic Warwickshire countryside, we are honoured to be part of the atmosphere and help keep the celebrations at Fillongley Hall on the events’ map.

Alexander & James – Long Eaton

Not exactly a party venue but we are pleased to say that we are the preferred catering suppliers for corporate events here, at their showroom in Long Eaton.
Alexander and James have built up a reputation as being one of the finest manufacturers of sofas in the country, with exclusive, rare designs to suit any living space.
An eclectic mix of luxurious fabrics, natural leathers and brave trend-led patterns are designed to mix like a Citreus Catering salad at a party.

Sit back, relax and check out their designs – https://alexanderandjamessofas.com/

Nottingham Playhouse

We know all about performances at Citreus Catering and we enjoy being part of the catering performance at https://nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk/ .

A repertory theatre since 1948, the Nottingham Playhouse is something of an institution for the people of Nottingham and, if you don’t remember the artistical performances you certainly won’t forget that the  6-metre-wide concave, stainless steel polished dish, outside the theatre on Wellington Circus, was once the most expensive piece of civic art funded by the National Lottery (£900,000 in 2001).
The massively overpriced ‘Sky Mirror’ weighs ten tonnes, which seems like the number of potatoes we get through in a year.

Considering hiring a company from a preferred catering suppliers list?

Contact us if you are considering a wedding or celebratory event this year – https://citreuscatering.co.uk/contact-us-citreus-catering-nottingham-weddings-events/

Let us make your venue of choice a foodie favourite.