Often seen as a luxury service for wealthy aristocrats and the landed gentry, hiring a private chef is now an accessible and affordable luxury for many people. 

In fact, the private chef industry is expected to double over the next few years. The USA has already experienced escalating demands for the services of a private chef and, only last year, market indicators were suggesting that growth would reach nearly $20 billion within a decade – https://www.factmr.com/report/personal-chef-services-market

Already, with only just the first quarter of the year surpassed, experts are predicting that the industry will be worth a whopping $13 billion by the end of 2023.

What is a Private Chef?

Although the term ‘’private chef” is often used to describe a personal caterer, the two are technically different. 

A ‘personal chef’ –  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_chef  – is what we are talking about today although we will be referring to personal chefs working in a private setting.

Traditionally, a private chef would work or even reside full-time in an extensive family home/French country estate, exclusively cooking throughout the day for a privileged bunch of people who are totally oblivious to supermarket prices, scarcity on the shelves, seasonal demands, poor awareness in a Lidl car park, and the strange smell at a cheap, independent grocer on some seedy backstreet in Hyson Green.

But, despite continually repeating the word ‘Private Chef’, what we are talking about here is someone who is hired by a variety of different clients and prepares food in their client’s own home – or location of their choice – based on their personal needs and preferences. 

Usually working from a professional, restaurant environment, a private chef should be experienced, highly skilled and passionate about food – https://www.craigfloatechef.com/ .

Restaurant Quality Food

With a keen eye for detail, well-organised, efficient and environmentally savvy, a good private chef knows his onions – literally. 

These days, the best private chefs pride themselves on their creativity in the kitchen. A private chef will serve nothing less than wholesome, locally grown produce – wherever possible – that goes into a sublimely tasting dish of top-notch, restaurant quality. 

Well-versed in nutritional value, a private chef can cater for all your dietary requirements. Whether you are vegan, require a specific gluten-free menu, carb-loading for a marathon, or just looking to pig-out for the evening, a private chef will cater for your every need with a bespoke menu of your choice.  

The benefits of hiring a Private Chef

The first thing that a private chef brings to the table is a blank menu. A tabula rasa of taste, no time wasted going through a plethora of bland options, you get to choose the exact starter to the accompanying wine and the show-stopping dessert. 

“A private chef sets a precedence in your residence, and the desserts are a scene of decadence.” 

Although a private chef can prepare a meal in your kitchen, the food can be cooked in a commercial environment and delivered, bringing restaurant-ready food with no mess and no pots to wash.

“Winner-winner, privately prepared dinner”. 

It’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. Whether it’s a dinner party for eight or brunch for a breakfast guest that’s late, you choose the time and the place. 

When you go to a restaurant, you’ve either got to designate the least drunk driver – only kidding – or find a taxi fare to negotiate. In the comfort of your own home, a private chef will recommend the wine list, open and pour. All you have to worry about is the accompanying main course and where to relax.  

Regardless of the convenience of being spoilt in your own home, be ready for your taste buds to be scintillated by a professional. 

You don’t have to worry about over-cooked steaks, unrisen Yorkshire puddings, a messy Eaton Mess, or salmonella poisoning – I mean, why even mention it?

The very best chefs are always at the top of their game. With all the culinary expertise and the hygiene certificates to help the moment flow as smoothly as a criminal in a Michael Jackson video, a personal chef makes his own moves to fit the occasion.

Why so delirious? No time to cook.

The wild state of ecstasy surrounding the demands for a personal catering service in the home is often due to the increase of modern-day pressures we face as individuals – https://www.eatplacemat.com/blog/debunking-the-i-dont-have-time-to-cook-argument

Despite the illusion that we are all working fewer hours for more pay, the truth is, not all companies adhere to the idea of flexible, hybrid working – the boss still wants to see you chained to that desk – and those targets and KPIs won’t meet themselves. 

The drive to work is still as hectic as it always was and a family now needs both parents to work full-time, in an attempt to meet the rising cost of living, and the average person only gets 20 minutes a day to prepare food. 

Life is short.

The majority of people would like more time with family and friends. A Private chef frees up that time and allows you to enjoy the more important things in life. 

Alternatively, unlike in most restaurants where solitary diners are frowned upon, you can savour a unique culinary experience without the company of others.

So, why not seek the assistance of a private chef? 

If you are stuck in the cog of capitalism and feel like a hamster in the daily grind of a working wheel, why not treat yourself to the relaxation and the excellence of a delicious meal, cooked and prepared by a professional chef, and then served in the comfort of your own home.

Easy to Book

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