Professional Catering

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning an event but, regardless of the occasion, professional catering is all about risk management. 

To be able to make the occasion run smoothly and be as enjoyable and as relaxing as possible, you want to ensure that your professional catering team not only puts the quality on the table but also brings the guarantee of maintaining a high standard of hygiene.

It goes without saying that poorly cooked food, cross-contamination and allergen ignorance should not be on the menu at the event.

The Professional Catering Team you can Trust.

Outdoor Catering

Outdoor Catering cuisines

With over 60-years’ combined experience in the catering industry, Citreus is the professional catering team you can trust. 

Specialising in professional catering, we have worked at some of the biggest events in the country and our reputation as one of the region’s leading catering companies precedes us.

From football and rugby stadiums to music festivals and racecourses, we have a culture of gastronomy at our fingertips to provide an unforgettable culinary experience at any planned public or social occasion. 

Our professional catering expertise is backed by all the requirements, with all the relevant qualifications and safety certificates in place to ensure a smooth culinary journey from the kitchen to the table.

First-class safety first.

With all the relevant hygiene and safety certification in place, you have peace of mind and reassurance that our first-class service comes with a safety guarantee to make it all right on the night.

With an uncompromising approach to quality, Citreus Catering is the perfect accompaniment to the table.

Food is a necessity but professional catering is an art. 

With a passion for food that developed at an early age, we are not short of expertise or ideas when it comes to the art of professional catering.

Here is a list of services provided by our professional catering team that all carry the guarantee of maintaining good hygiene practices: –

  • Wedding Catering 

To impress the wedding guests, the professional catering service has to be at the top of its game – 

The bride isn’t the only one who can make a grand entrance on the day, our wedding catering service is designed to impress the eyes and satisfy the taste buds. 

Professional Wedding Catering Specialists

The aspect of hospitality which people most look up to is the food, and this is the area where a professional wedding catering specialist adds perfection to the main menu – 

We believe that a good wedding catering company should be on point. The night is in the balance and it’s make-or-break for the professional wedding catering team, regardless of the surroundings. 

As wedding catering professionals with a wealth of experience, we know good food and we build lasting relationships with our clients based on results. 

We provide our expert knowledge, open the mind to new taste sensations, and offer various solutions to suit the ambience, the surroundings, and the guest list.

All Wedding Catering Courses Covered

We are one of the few professional catering companies that specialise in all courses, so you don’t have to worry about bringing in additional help for certain foods.

Professional Catering Creativity

Outdoor Catering

Outdoor Catering finger food

Wedding Catering is all about the planning to ensure that the presentation is just right, and we have all the right culinary weaponry to execute a delicious feast for all.

When it comes to the first crunch, it’s the creativity that makes the difference and only an experienced professional catering team will be able to bring the necessary creativity to the table.

We elevate the quality of the food to new levels so that the experience is unanticipated to the point that your guests will be mesmerised by how good wedding catering can be.

We assist you with the discovery of new flavours, various options, bespoke requirements, and the ability to pay attention to the finer details that really matter on the big day. 

Professional Catering Sensations

We know good wedding catering food is carefully prepared and locally sourced, and we do not slice corners with quality. We can provide expert knowledge, open minds to new taste sensations, and offer various solutions to suit the ambience, the surroundings, and the guest list.

If you’re planning the big day, we’d love to hear about how we can provide the perfect wedding catering solution for your wedding day. 

  • Hog Roasts & BBQs

Citreus Catering’s Hog Roasts and BBQs are all about the aromas, the ambience, the outdoor venue and – of course – the people. 

BBQs always allow us to experiment with different meats and seafood, and we take great pleasure in exhibiting our skills and creativity on the outdoor flames.

Our legendary Hog Roasts and BBQs bring a unique flavour to the outdoor party atmosphere where we showcase our talent and lay the foundations for a memorable event.

A Taste for Hog Roasts and BBQs

We’ve always delivered the great taste of the outdoors with our hog roasts and BBQs, but it took some years before Early Man finally realised that the pig tastes better when it’s raised from the embers, and not thrown into them – 

Wild Boar were indigenous to Western Europe in the Middle Ages when the traditional spit-roast method of cooking consisted of a mounted pig on a pole, over a burning pit of sticks, supported by a timber framework.

Hog Roasts and BBQs are growing in popularity.

Growing in popularity, Hog Roasts were common in Edwardian and Victorian times to feed large numbers as the masses gathered at public events.

 An ever-impressive focal point at an event, the beast crackles and pops as it is slowly cooked to the point where the scrumptious pork drops from the bone.

Modern-day Hog Roasts & BBQs

In these busy times, the most primitive forms of Hog Roasts and BBQs are outcooked by specially designed stainless-steel machines, powered by a small engine and propane gas to reduce the cooking time. 

Don’t be put off by modern technology. 

These machines are as equally impressive as the Saxon spit roasts when they cooked on their farms, and the flavour is equal to the times of the Renaissance period when the chefs of Florence were busy basting their pigs with orange juice and using nuts and herbs as stuffing.

After all, as the equipment advanced in kitchens, around the 18th century, it was the lack of room that dissuaded chefs from the idea of cooking the entire hog. This was where the butcher stepped in and provided conveniently sized portions to cook as a joint on smaller grills.

What awaits you on a day of Hog Roasts and BBQs?

What you can expect from a day of hog roasts and BBQs with Citreus Catering is all the splendour and spectacle of a medieval feast combined with the 21st-century knowledge and skill of a catering professional.

We have several ideas to put on the table but our delicious pork can be served on crusty baps with stuffing and apple and accompanied by a number of sauces and a variety of seasonal salads.

Plan with us.

If you are thinking about planning a hog roast or BBQ, we’d be delighted to hear from you. 

We couldn’t recommend this element of our catering services more highly. It really is an exciting feast, fit for kings, weddings, festivals, and other outdoor events of various shapes and sizes. 

  • Event Catering – 

The atmosphere, the occasion, the people, the food: we thrive on big occasions – 

They say that when you enjoy something; when you are in your element, you perform at your best.

Well, this can certainly be said about Citreus Catering’s event catering.

We love grand occasions. Regardless of the size, we adapt to the ambience with catering excellence to put on a show of delicious food and a fast, efficient, friendly service. 

We are multi-layered in our approach and embrace new trends in the context of dishes. Not afraid of experimenting with new flavours, we make our own route on the road of cuisine and refuse to follow the motorway of mediocrity.

Event Catering Specialists

Outdoor Catering

Outdoor Catering with Citreus

Our cooking reflects customs of age and present-day eating habits and our work continues to be a source of inspiration for other event catering specialists. 

Full Range Event Catering

With a repertoire of culinary skills, Citreus event catering is well-equipped and prepared for the crowds. 

We cover a full range of event catering foods – canapes, street food, finger foods, hog roasts, buffets, international cuisines, BBQs and seasonal outdoor banquets – for huge or small celebrations at weddings, parties, festivals and corporate gatherings. 

With an uncompromising approach to quality, Citreus Catering is the perfect accompaniment to your occasion.

Our locally sourced, authentic produce is a huge part of our event catering and becomes an integral part of a memorable day.

Our skills are always in high demand due to our commitment to excellence, cementing ourselves as an authority in the event catering industry, providing dining experiences at Royal Ascot, Cheltenham Race Festival, Wembley, Wimbledon and the British Golf Open.

Let’s start making memories.

Memories are made on the biggest occasions and Citreus Catering is here to make the memories while you and your guests relax and enjoy the feast.

If you have thought about planning an event and you want to see us at our best, let’s talk about making memories.

  • Crew Catering

Happy being on the road, we love being part of the team at Citreus Catering, and our crew catering service ensures that the workers won’t go hungry.

Lights, Cameras, Crew Catering Action.

We’ve got a place for you on set with Citreus Crew Catering and it’s wholesome and delicious food all wrapped up in one delicious service.

From TV, film, music and sporting events, we have a culture of gastronomy at our fingertips to provide an unforgettable round-the-clock, crew catering experience.

An army cannot march on an empty stomach and we don’t expect a crew to work without a quality, highly professional, crew catering service – 

Working primarily in and around the East Midlands, we are multi-award-winning catering specialists from Nottingham, with a combined experience of over 60 years.

Whatever your gig, our crew catering service delivers the Citreus Catering seal of approval every time.   

A Crew Catering Reputation

 Working at some of the biggest events in the country, our reputation as one of the region’s leading catering companies continues to grow each year with our crew catering services.

Always prepared, we are aware that people have different tastes and dietary requirements but, with such a wealth of experience, we are able to develop specific menus as and when required., to tight deadlines and against the elements.

Working to tight deadlines and often against the elements, Citreus Catering welcomes the challenge to bring our culinary expertise to the table at any time, day or night.

Who are we?

Specialising in wedding receptions, corporate events and crew catering, we have a tasty history and a culture of gastronomy at our heart.

In a world of accessible international cuisines and multicultural influences, we owe our skills to those who played a fundamental role in the development of classic cuisines and the art of catering.

Never static, like the set on a movie or a stage at a music festival, our cuisine never ceases to evolve and our work is a source of inspiration for others. 

From intimate gatherings to elaborate feasts, we are multi-layered in our approach and we embrace new trends in the context of dishes. 

Speak to us about how our catering crew can cater for your crew with Citreus Crew Catering.

  • Hot and Cold Buffets

We know which side our bread is buttered is covered when it comes to hot and cold buffets –’buffet’%20became%20adopted,than%20the%20piece%20of%20furniture. 

Experienced, efficient, and creative, we are never short of imagination in the kitchen when it comes to catering for hot and cold buffets.

Fingers or Forks

Whether using fingers or forks on disposable plates or quality crockery, we’ve got a full range of catering ideas for hot and cold buffets for your special occasion.

Wrapped or topped, small or large, and regardless of the occasion, the plates will be filled with flavoursome food.

From our sandwich and canape selections that are vast and diverse – covering a wide range of options such as meat, salad, vegetarian, gluten-free and seafood – to a range of pastries, pasties, pies, chillies, curries, soups, roasts and homemade desserts, we have something to suit all tastes and dietary requirements.  

Hot and cold buffets: a warming affair or a cool vibe.

Our passion for food and our event experience means that we have the skills in our repertoire to make any occasion a memorable occasion.

Skilled and experienced, our hot and cold buffets adapt and reflect the occasion. 

If you are looking for a relaxed ambience or a bouncing birthday bash, we can adapt to the environment. Our hot and cold buffets are ideal for life celebrations at funerals, corporate events or just an excuse to party. 

We have an abundance of ideas and we lay the flavours out like an international food festival.

Hot or cold buffets can be healthy or decadent, consist of cheese boards, Moroccan flavours, Indian spice, a Caribbean kick or Spanish-inspired cuisine that is both tasty and efficient. 

Pleasure on a Plate


Hospitality and weddings

Using only the finest produce that nature has to offer, our hot and cold buffets are not compromised by cutting corners with cheap, perished products, we aim high to place nutrition and pleasure on a plate, each and every time. 

Wherever possible, we locally source the highest quality fresh food and use our creativity to provide a feast for every taste and occasion. 

Environmentally conscious, we believe in long-term food security, sustainability of the planet and sustenance on the plate.

  • Corporate Catering

It’s business as usual for Citreus Catering as we continue to inspire with our brand of creative corporate catering.

Based in the East Midlands, we are at the core of the UK’s £70 billion events industry where a significant proportion is attributed to corporate catering, and over 700,000 have been created –

For one day or more, we set our culinary stall at events, hospitality and social occasions that are organized by a business entity. 

With a target audience that is not limited to employees, stakeholders, board members and potential clients, we have professional chefs on hand to skillfully present the finest cuisines to the event’s attendees. 

At the business end of Corporate Catering

So you can get on with the business end of the event, we take care of the crowds with the business of skillfully preparing quality food.

With a wealth of experience and a repertoire of culinary skills, Citreus corporate catering is well-equipped and prepared for the business crowds. 

Corporate Catering Specialists

outdoor eating

Outdoor eating with Citreus this summer

Our cooking reflects customs of age and present-day eating habits and our work continues to be a source of inspiration for other corporate catering professionals. 

We cover a full range of corporate catering foods – canapes, street food, finger foods, buffets, international cuisines, BBQs and seasonal outdoor banquets – for huge or small events. 

With an uncompromising approach to quality, Citreus Catering is the right candidate for the job and the perfect accompaniment to your corporate event.

  • Canapé Receptions

There is no shortage of excitement at one of our canapé receptions

Citreus canapé receptions are more than just an event that serves a type of small, decorative hors d’oeuvre, we bring the flavours and the flair to make the event a memorable one.  

Our combined 60-years’ skill and experience take canapé receptions to a whole new level of taste and excellence.

With bespoke catering, we can really get our creative juices flowing and start to play with the menu. 

 Citreus canapé receptions are often the highlight of the menu with guests eager to sample our tasty toppings for bread, toast, puff pastry, or crackers that can often be eaten in one bite.

Wrapped and topped with an unlimited amount of ideas, our only restriction is Mother Nature herself. The best chefs know the benefits that come from choosing locally sourced food that is harvested close to the kitchen, and our canapé receptions are not an exception to that rule.

We are dedicated professionals who are aware that caterers are as good as their last meal, and so this is why we always strive to make every occasion our best. We will not compromise quality for quantity and we take our local produce very seriously to deliver taste and satisfaction with each and every one of our canapé receptions.

Canapé receptions for any occasion.

Citreus canapé selections are vast and diverse, covering a wide range of options and continents to put flair and flavour on the table at weddings, corporate events, outdoor festivals, funerals, birthday parties, christenings and intimate dinners –,to%20be%20called%20a%20Canap%C3%A9. 

Our canape receptions selection can take you across the ocean with flavours of the Caribbean, to the taste of the middle east, North Africa, the Mediterranean, and leave you with the sensations of Japan and Hawaii.   

Canapé Receptions are our Oyster

Delighting with the deliciousness of meats such as jerk chicken, beef tataki, lamb with nutmeg and butternut squash, pork and apple, tuna with lime and ginger, lobster, crab with parsley mayonnaise, and backed by seasonal salad options and dressings such as honey and mustard, cranberry, peppercorn, lemon, béarnaise, dark soy and sesame.  The canapé really is our oyster.

We can cater for all tastes and dietary requirements, and we can also provide a feast with vegetarian and gluten-free options.

To be able to fully deliver on our promise, as specialists in canapé receptions, we hear exactly what our clients want for their guests and we bring it to the table with mouth-watering results.

Contact us here to hear about your plans –