It’s exactly one year since Citreus Catering began its culinary journey through the kitchen door of the current facility in Bulwell, Nottingham, and we are delighted with the success that our hard work has achieved.

Caught up in the diligence of a hectic schedule, we’ve been so busy at the heart of everyone else’s celebration that we almost surpassed the 1st anniversary unnoticed.

Our success has even outweighed our ambition in our first year as we have been far busier than anticipated. When the idea was first put into fruition, we had no idea how quickly we could grow. We knew the true potential behind the idea but we never expected to be looking back over such a busy year with some breathtaking statistics.

Here’s what we’ve been up to…

In our first year – in which we used 35 kgs of asparagus and peeled 300 kgs of potatoes – we fed over 4000 guests.

We used the annual equivalent of 75 household’s worth of cling film and used some of it to cover the trays of the 2500 canapes we prepared.

We employed 30 members of staff who all did a tremendous job of working at 5 wedding fayres, 14 barbecues – of which 8 were Greek – 8 hen dos, and assisting with 26 Christmas dinners.

Of course, there was plenty in-between, but you get the idea. We probably used enough olive oil to float an oligarch’s yacht and more tomatoes than a Valencian food fight at a festival in late August…but we won’t elaborate on that.

More Reasons to Celebrate

Basically, Citreus Catering is simply about the food. Without the need for close attention, we feel that we have gained a unique identity whereby our catering stands alone as something which is not only inspirational but a pleasure to the senses.

Whenever possible, we prove ourselves to be innovative, resilient and creative and we hope that our genuine passion for food continues to shine through, regardless of the event or the location. Our food doesn’t overshadow the grandeur of the event but it makes a great occasion more of a reason to celebrate.

Food-focused planners.

We have tried our very best to make each occasion run smoothly and be as enjoyable and as relaxing as possible with quality on the table and the guarantee of maintaining high standards of hygiene.
It hasn’t been an easy ride either. Even with over 60 years’ combined experience as seasoned professionals, we have hit a few hurdles.
Fortunately, with a passion for what we do, we are not short of expertise or ideas.

We Continue to Listen and Deliver Lifelong Memories
Going into our second year with great anticipation, Citreus Catering continues to grow by leading the way with our own innovative brand.
Our continued success comes from a combination of knowledge, learning, and listening.

To be able to fully deliver on our promise, as specialists in catering services, we hear exactly what our clients want for their guests and we bring it to the table with mouth-watering results.

Our abundance of skill and innate creativity blends to capture the true essence of a special occasion and forms the core of the memories that last a lifetime.

With thanks….

We would like to thank our valuable team who have shown superb dedication and professionalism – we couldn’t have done it without you – and, of course, our guests who have been our biggest fans throughout the last year and continued to support us with their compliments and wonderful reviews.

We live for the occasion and it’s been an honour to work at some of the country’s finest venues in sublime locations. We are always grateful to those who have provided the opportunity for us to showcase our skills and it’s been a pleasure to cook for some many wonderful people.
May the memorable occasions continue…

outdoor eating

Outdoor eating with Citreus this summer

If you have been part of our journey, let us know what you thought about our service.

We look forward to seeing some of you in the very near future and, if you have any questions about the past or future bookings, please don’t hesitate to contact us at