Canapé Receptions

There is no shortage of excitement at one of our canapé receptions Citreus canapé receptions are more than just an event that serves a type of small, decorative hors d’oeuvre, we bring the flavours and the flair to make the event a memorable one.

Our combined 60-years’ skill and experience take canapé receptions to a whole new level of taste and excellence.

With bespoke catering, we can really get our creative juices flowing and start to play with the menu.

Citreus canapé receptions are often the highlight of the menu with guests eager to sample our tasty toppings for bread, toast, puff pastry, or crackers that can often be eaten in one bite.

Wrapped and topped with an unlimited amount of ideas, our only restriction is Mother Nature herself.

The best chefs know the benefits that come from choosing locally sourced food that is harvested close to the kitchen, and our canapé receptions are not an exception to that rule.

We are dedicated professionals who are aware that caterers are as good as their last meal, and so this is why we always strive to make every occasion our best.

We will not compromise quality for quantity and we take our local produce very seriously to deliver taste and satisfaction with each and every one of our canapé receptions.

Canapé receptions for any occasion.

Citreus canapé selections are vast and diverse, covering a wide range of options and continents to put flair and flavour on the table at weddings, corporate events, outdoor festivals, funerals, birthday parties, christenings and intimate dinners.

Our canape receptions selection can take you across the ocean with flavours of the Caribbean, to the taste of the middle east, North Africa, the Mediterranean, and leave you with the sensations of Japan and Hawaii.

Canapé Receptions are our Oyster

Delighting with the deliciousness of meats such as jerk chicken, beef tataki, lamb with nutmeg and butternut squash, pork and apple, tuna with lime and ginger, lobster, crab with parsley mayonnaise, and backed by seasonal salad options and dressings such as honey and mustard, cranberry, peppercorn, lemon, béarnaise, dark soy and sesame.

The canapé really is our oyster.

We can cater for all tastes and dietary requirements, and we can also provide a feast with vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Ideas for Canape Receptions

With a passion for food that developed at an early age, we are not short of expertise or ideas when it comes to canape receptions.

If you have any plans for a canape reception, for any event, regardless of the size and the occasion, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Our expertise is backed by all the requirements, with all the relevant qualifications and safety certificates in place to ensure a smooth culinary journey.

Continued success at canape receptions from a combination of knowledge, learning, and listening.

To be able to fully deliver on our promise, as specialists in canapé receptions, we hear exactly what our clients want for their guests and we bring it to the table with mouth-watering results.