Crew Catering

Happy being on the road, we love being part of the team at Citreus Catering, and our crew catering service ensures that the workers won’t go hungry.

Lights, Cameras, Crew Catering Action.

We’ve got a place for you on set with Citreus Crew Catering and it’s wholesome and delicious food all wrapped up in one delicious service.
From TV, film, music and sporting events, we have a culture of gastronomy at our fingertips to provide an unforgettable round-the-clock, crew catering experience.

An army cannot march on an empty stomach and we don’t expect a crew to work without quality food.

Working primarily in and around the East Midlands, we are multi-award-winning catering specialists from Nottingham, with a combined experience of over 60 years.

Whatever your gig, Citreus Catering delivers.

Working at some of the biggest events in the country, our reputation as one of the region’s leading catering companies continues to grow each year.

Always prepared, we are aware that people have different tastes and dietary requirements but, with such a wealth of experience, we are able to develop specific menus as and when required., to tight deadlines and against the elements.

Working to tight deadlines and often against the elements, Citreus Catering welcomes the challenge to bring our culinary expertise to the table at any time, day or night.

Who are we?

Citreus are a dedicated catering professional with a passion for helping those who love good food and memorable occasions.
Locally Sourced Top Nosh.

In an attempt to ensure a future for our agricultural community, we recognise that long-term food security can only be attained if we move closer to self-sufficiency. Therefore, with this in mind, we source our food locally whenever possible.

Specialist Skills

Specialising in wedding receptions, corporate events and crew catering, we have a tasty history and a culture of gastronomy at our heart.

In a world of accessible international cuisines and multicultural influences, we owe our skills to those who played a fundamental role in the development of classic cuisines and the art of catering.

Never static, like the set on a movie or a stage at a music festival, our cuisine never ceases to evolve and our work is a source of inspiration for others.

From intimate gatherings to elaborate feasts, we are multi-layered in our approach and we embrace new trends in the context of dishes.

First-class safety first.

With all the relevant hygiene and safety certification in place, you have peace of mind and reassurance that our first-class service comes with a safety guarantee to make it all right on the night.

With an uncompromising approach to quality, Citreus Catering is the perfect accompaniment to whatever gig or event your crew is attending.

Speak to us about how our catering crew can cater for your crew with Citreus Crew Catering.