Catering Services

If we could use just two words to describe Citreus Catering’s professional catering services they would be ‘diverse’ and ‘delicious’.

 Pleasure on a Plate

Using only the finest produce that nature has to offer, our catering services are not compromised by cutting corners with cheap, perished products, we aim high to place nutrition and pleasure on a plate, each and every time.


Wherever possible, we locally source the highest quality fresh food and use our creativity to provide a feast for every taste and occasion.


Environmentally conscious, we believe in long-term food security, sustainability of the planet and sustenance on the plate.


A Feast of Catering Services Experience


With over 60 years’ combined experience we are seasoned professionals who know how to cater for the numbers.

With a passion for food that developed at an early age, we are not short of expertise or ideas.

Our expertise is backed by all the requirements, with all the relevant qualifications and safety certificates to ensure a smooth culinary journey in our presence.


We Listen and Deliver Lifelong Memories


Citreus Catering continues to grow by leading the way with our own innovative brand.

Our continued success comes from a combination of knowledge, learning, and listening.


To be able to fully deliver on our promise, as specialists in catering services, we hear exactly what our clients want for their guests and we bring it to the table with mouth-watering results.


Our abundance of skill and innate creativity blends to capture the true essence of a special occasion and forms the core of the memories that last a lifetime.


Catering Services for your Corner of the World


From street food and finger foods to international cuisines and hot dogs, our catering services bring parties and cultures alive with aromatic flavours and intense infusions.


We tailor-make meals to suit any taste and our catering services can adapt to suit specific requirements.


The flexibility of our service and our wealth of experience makes us comfortable in the surroundings of big sporting arenas, crowded music festivals and intimate wedding venues.


Setting the Scene with our Cuisine.


Whatever the event or gathering, Citreus Catering sets the scene with scrumptious cuisines for Canape Receptions, Weddings, Hog Roasts, Barbecues, Special Events and Crew Catering.


How to start your Catering Services journey with Citreus.


If you are looking to hire a catering team for your special event or wedding, contact us to discuss your plans.