Hot and Cold Buffets

We know which side our bread is buttered when it comes to hot and cold buffets.

Experienced, efficient, and creative, we are never short of imagination in the kitchen when it comes to catering for hot and cold buffets.

Fingers or Forks

Whether using fingers or forks on disposable plates or quality crockery, we’ve got a full range of catering ideas for your special occasion.

Wrapped or topped, small or large, and regardless of the occasion, the plates will be filled with flavoursome food.

From our sandwich and canape selections that are vast and diverse - covering a wide range of options such as meat, salad, vegetarian, gluten-free and seafood - to a range of pastries, pasties, pies, chillies, curries, soups, roasts and homemade desserts, we have something to suit all tastes and dietary requirements.

Hot and cold buffets: a warming affair or a cool vibe.

Our passion for food and our event experience means that we have the skills in our repertoire to make any occasion a memorable occasion.

Skilled and experienced, our food adapts reflects the occasion -

If you are looking for a relaxed ambience or a bouncing birthday bash, we can adapt to the environment. Our hot and cold buffets are ideal for life celebrations at funerals, corporate events or just an excuse to party.

We have an abundance of ideas and we lay the flavours out like an international food festival.

Hot or cold buffets can be healthy or decadent, consist of cheese boards, Moroccan flavours, Indian spice, a Caribbean kick or Spanish-inspired cuisine that is both tasty and efficient.

Pleasure on a Plate

Using only the finest produce that nature has to offer, our hot and cold buffets are not compromised by cutting corners with cheap, perished products, we aim high to place nutrition and pleasure on a plate, each and every time.

Wherever possible, we locally source the highest quality fresh food and use our creativity to provide a feast for every taste and occasion.

Environmentally conscious, we believe in long-term food security, sustainability of the planet and sustenance on the plate.

A Feast of Experience

With over 60 years’ combined experience, we are seasoned professionals who know how to cater for the numbers.

With a passion for food that developed at an early age, we are not short of expertise or ideas.

Delicious on the Day

Our expertise is backed by all the requirements, with all the relevant qualifications and safety certificates to ensure a smooth culinary journey in our presence.

Speak to us about your plans for a hot and cold buffet, and let us deliver delicious on the day.