Elite Sports Catering

Elite athletes require elite sports catering services, chefs at the top of their game, with flexibility and in-depth knowledge to provide adequate nutrition for those competing at the highest level.

A clear understanding of an athlete’s dietary requirement puts Citreus Catering in pole position when it comes to providing sports catering.

Working with nutritionists, there is no lack of commitment and dedication from our team, providing balanced, healthy meals in support of a consistent, collective aim. 

Here’s Food for Sport…

Those familiar with our catering services know how our vast experience, creativity and expertise is perfectly suited for events and celebration, taking Citreus Catering to the top of the league with efficiency, diversity and culinary scope. 

Sports Catering Goals

Home or away, we have the stamina and psychological edge to compete in this specialist arena. Regardless of the numbers, the nutritional requirements, and the intensity levels, Citreus Catering helps achieve goals and gets the team across the finish line.

Let’s Get Physical

Well-equipped for the challenge, working with the finest, freshest ingredients, our performance in the kitchen is ideally suited when there is a requirement for eating well following physical activity. 

Food is fuel and our sports catering service gets your event off to a good start with quality nutrition that allows athletes to perform well, recover from training or tough competition, and limit illness and injury.

Elite Sports Catering

If you have a team that requires an elite performance in the kitchen, there is no substitute for Citreus Catering, sports catering professionals with an appetite for success. 

On your marks….

Lane 1: Flexibility - we go beyond tradition with more flexibility around menus, choice and pricing. 

Lane 2: Experience - vast experience within event catering, specific dietary requirements, and working in a multitude of locations provides us with skills and the in-depth knowledge to compete in the world of Sports Catering.

Lane 3: Efficiency - decades of working with the numbers in some very competitive environments ensures that we play by the rules of the stopwatch to avoid extra time and penalties.

Lane 4: Dedicated Team - our highly skilled, professional team is all about winning.

Lane 5: Nutritional Awareness - performance catering is all about understanding the specific requirements and supporting the needs of athletes. Our staff are ready for the challenge with healthy meals prepared for winners.

Lane 6: Consistency - as award-winning chefs, we are focused on each individual event.  Chefs are only as good as their last meal and so we aim to always be at the forefront of our industry, well ahead of the competition when it comes to Sports Catering. 

Lane 7: Reputation - we have built up a reputation for a quality catering service, and the odds are heavily stacked in our favour when it comes to continued winning streaks for Sports Catering.

Welcome to the winner’s podium

If you are looking to provide a challenge for a successful sports catering team, step up here to the winner’s podium