Corporate Catering

'It’s business as usual for Citreus Catering as we continue to inspire with our brand of creative corporate catering'

It’s business as usual for Citreus Catering as we continue to inspire with our brand of creative corporate catering

Based in the East Midlands, we are at the core of the UK’s £70 billion events industry where a significant proportion is attributed to corporate catering, and over 700,000 have been created.

For one day or more, we set our culinary stall at events, hospitality and social occasions that are organised by a business entity.

With a target audience that is not limited to employees, stakeholders, board members and potential clients, we have professional chefs on hand to skillfully present the finest cuisines to the event’s attendees.

At the business end of Corporate Catering

So you can get on with the business end of the event, we take care of the crowds with the business of skillfully preparing quality food.

With a wealth of experience and a repertoire of culinary skills, we are well-equipped and prepared for the business crowds.

Corporate Catering Specialists

Our cooking reflects customs of age and present-day eating habits and our work continues to be a source of inspiration for other professionals.

We cover a full range of foods - canapes, street food, finger foods, buffets, international cuisines, BBQs and seasonal outdoor banquets - for huge or small events.

With an uncompromising approach to quality, Citreus Catering is the right candidate for the job and the perfect accompaniment to your corporate event.

Our locally sourced, authentic produce is a huge part of our service and it becomes an integral part of a successful day in the office -

We leave you to engage with the audience as our imaginative cuisines engage the senses with flavour and flair.

We know which side our bread is buttered.

We do business properly, with insurance hygiene and safety certificates in place. We do not compromise on safety or on taste.

We’re open for business with an experienced and professional team that is dedicated to bringing you exceptional corporate catering. Our business portfolio is exceptional healthy so buying shares in our nutritious stock comes with minimum risk and maximum flavour.

Corporate Catering Perfectionists.

Constantly seeking perfection on a plate, our dedication to the environment is reflected in every mouthful of our locally sourced, wholesome British food.

We prepare foods for all tastes and dietary requirements, and we do not miss the opportunity of a challenge.

If you want professionals to cater at your business event, let us know about your plans.

Citreus Catering: there for the good times and the great food at the best corporate events.

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