Hog Roasts & BBQs

Citreus Catering’s Hog Roasts and BBQs are all about the aromas, the ambience, the outdoor venue and - of course - the people.

BBQs always allow us to experiment with different meats and seafood, and we take great pleasure in exhibiting our skills and creativity on the outdoor flames.

Our legendary Hog Roasts and BBQs bring a unique flavour to the outdoor party atmosphere where we showcase our talent and lay the foundations for a memorable event.

A Taste for Hog Roasts and BBQs

We’ve always delivered the great taste of the outdoors but it took some years before Early Man finally realised that the pig tastes better when it’s raised from the embers, and not thrown into them.

Wild Boar were indigenous to Western Europe in the Middle Ages when the traditional spit-roast method of cooking consisted of a mounted pig on a pole, over a burning pit of sticks, supported by a timber framework.

Feeding the numbers.

Growing in popularity, Hog Roasts were common in Edwardian and Victorian times to feed large numbers as the masses gathered at public events -


An ever-impressive focal point at an event, the beast crackles and pops as it is slowly cooked to the point where the scrumptious pork drops from the bone.

Modern-day Hog Roasts & BBQs

In these busy times, the primitive ways are outcooked by specially designed stainless-steel machines, powered by a small engine and propane gas to reduce the cooking time.

Don’t be put off by modern technology.

These machines are as equally impressive as the Saxon spit roasts when they cooked on their farms, and the flavour is equal to the times of the Renaissance period when the chefs of Florence were busy basting their pigs with orange juice and using nuts and herbs as stuffing.

After all, as the equipment advanced in kitchens, around the 18th century, it was the lack of room that dissuaded chefs from the idea of cooking the entire hog. This was where the butcher stepped in and provided conveniently sized portions to cook as a joint on smaller grills.

What awaits you on the day?

What you can expect from a day of hog roasts and BBQs with Citreus Catering is all the splendour and spectacle of a medieval feast combined with the 21st-century knowledge and skill of a catering professional.

We have a number of ideas to put on the table but our delicious pork can be served on crusty baps with stuffing and apple and accompanied by a number of sauces and a variety of seasonal salads.

Plan ahead with us.

If you are thinking about planning a hog roast or BBQ, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

We couldn’t recommend this element of our catering services more highly. It really is an exciting feast, fit for kings, weddings, festivals and other outdoor events of various shapes and sizes.