Wedding Catering

To impress the guests, the wedding catering service has to be at the top of its game. Citreus Catering appreciates that a wedding is a big day - we only get one shot at this - and it has to be right on the night.

The bride isn’t the only one who can make a grand entrance on the day, our wedding catering service is designed to impress the eyes and satisfy the taste buds.

Wedding Catering Specialists

 The aspect of hospitality which people most look up to is the food, and this is the area where a professional catering company adds perfection to the main menu.

There are no excuses for half-measures here.

We believe that catering professionals should be on point. The night is in the balance and it’s make-or-break for the caterers, regardless of the surroundings.

 As wedding catering professionals with a wealth of experience, we know good food and we build lasting relationships with our clients based on results.

 We provide our expert knowledge, open the mind to new taste sensations, and offer various solutions to suit the ambience, the surroundings, and the guest list.

 All Courses Covered

 We are one of the few companies that specialise in all courses, so you don’t have to worry about bringing in additional help for certain foods.

 Wedding Creativity

 Wedding Catering is all about the planning to ensure that the presentation is just right, and we have all the right culinary weaponry to execute a delicious feast for all.

 When it comes to the first crunch, it's the creativity that makes the difference and only an experienced catering team will be able to bring the necessary creativity to the table.

 We elevate the quality of the food to new levels so that the experience is unanticipated to the point that your guests will be mesmerised by the quality of our service.

 We assist you with the discovery of new flavours, various options, bespoke requirements, and the ability to pay attention to the finer details that really matter on the big day.

 Wedding Sensations

 We know good wedding catering food is carefully prepared and locally sourced, and we do not slice corners with quality. We can provide expert knowledge, open minds to new taste sensations, and offer various solutions to suit the ambience, the surroundings, and the guest list.

 If you’re planning the big day, we’d love to hear about how we can provide the perfect wedding catering solution for your wedding day.